Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it has been over 8 months since I posted here! I guess that is something I will have to be constantly aware of. Time goes by much faster as you get older.

I haven’t forgotten about my car but have become more involved in going green. Almost a contradiction when you think about it.

I mean that car got 7.8 miles to the gallon. Well, I could park it and at least sit in it and listen to oldies on the radio.


Are Hybrids Really Better for the Environment?

I found a website a few days ago called Blog Action Day. The idea was to have everyone that has a blog writing about the same subject on the same day. The subject is the environment and the day is today October 15.

Recently I saw (or heard) a question about the environmental impact of hybrid cars. Basically the impact of a Hummer vs a Prius on the environment was debated.

It does give some food for thought.

The technology to build the Hummer is standard using regular vehicle parts on an assembly line. The Prius needs sophisticated technology that is much more costly and has a larger carbon footprint. Assuming the average ownership of a vehicle is three years the Prius will be less costly to drive and leave a smaller carbon footprint. But then, at the end of both vehicle’s life, the Hummer can be recycled almost totally with very little effort and existing equipment. The Prius is another story altogether.

I’m going to try and see if I can find additional information on this. It seems to make sense.

Holy Cow!

I just found out that the original 1965 GeeTo Tiger that was presented as a contest prize in 1965 sold at Mecum Auction on Saturday for $420,000.00 (including commission)! Of course, this particular car has a history and only has 59,000 actual miles on it. Other ’65 GTOs sold at the same auction so when the results are put on the website I will be able to find out what and average ’65 Tri-power, 4 speed GTO is selling for.

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ach department

I figured they would not be cheap but good heavens…$420,000.00!

And a 389…

I was lucky I lived in Detroit (the Motor City) and there was one GTO decked out pretty much like the Geeto Tiger at a dealership called Stan Long Pontiac. My boyfriend told me what to have changed on it (he said I needed a 4 11 rear gear) and my dad and I went down to negotiate. I had never been as excited about a car before or since.

We sealed the deal and I was to come back in two days to pick it up. I think the final price with taxes was around $3400.00. My payments were $67.00 a month.

Dad, mom and I went to pick it up. Why both parents? Well, I had never driven a stick shift in my life so dad had to drive it home. That was the LAST time he drove it.

There she was…tiger gold, vinyl top, black bucket seats, dual exhaust splitters, 389, tri-power, 4 speed with a Hurst shifter and tigerpaw tires. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Three Deuces and a Four Speed

I know. It probably seems odd to see a car in the header of a blog written by a girl but, it was my car and I want it back!

Actually, when I think about it, I’m not sure if it is the car or that time in my life that I want to recapture. Most likely both.

It was really something. It was called a Geeto tiger because of the color and it was similar to this GTO which was the brain child of Jim Wangers (the godfather of the GTO) and George Hurst and used to promote the relatively new car. I can’t believe the original is up for auction on October 6! I wonder what it will sell for?